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Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Mini Bulldog

Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Mini Bulldog


mini bulldog - everything you need to know to raise a mini bulldog

If there’s ever a dog breed that has stolen the hearts of many, it is the bulldog – in all its forms.

From its big cute face to the adorable wrinkly skin, the bulldog has managed to charm its way into many hearts and homes.

But for many dog lovers staying in apartments, the space restrictions have forced them to part ways with their beloved friends.

And this is where the Mini Bulldog comes in.

What is a Mini Bulldog?

Although you won’t find the Mini Bulldog listed as a breed in the American Kennel Club’s register, you’ll definitely find the breed being advertised in many places and with many owners proudly parading this adorable but un-showable cutie.

So what exactly is a Mini Bulldog (or mini bully as they are affectionately called)?

Well, it all depends on who you are talking to and who is selling it.

But basically, a Mini Bulldog is a hybrid puppy – a cross between either a Pug, Boston Terrier, or French Bulldog with an English Bulldog.

I guess you could call it a designer breed.

The amounts of each in a Mini Bulldog will always vary depending on breeding so you may have one with predominant Pug features while another may have predominant English Bulldog features.

The general measurements of a Mini Bulldog are:

  • Height: 14-16-inches
  • Weight: 20-45lb

As you can see, this is way smaller than the average English bulldog that can reach 1 foot 3 inches at shoulder height and can weigh 40lbs to 50lbs.

Mini Bulldog VS Toy Bulldog VS English Miniature Bulldog

mini bulldog - playing his ball

Although there has been a lot of confusion concerning when it comes to distinguishing between Mini Bulldogs, toy bulldogs, and English miniature bulldogs, they are definitely not the same breed.

We’ve already looked at what a Mini Bulldog is generally, what about the other two?

Although some use the term Toy bulldog to refer to a Mini Bulldog, this is not the proper label. The Toy Bulldog is a breed that was bred during the early 18th century and into the 19th century for the purposes of downsizing the bulldog and to reduce it to a more desirable weight of around 20lbs.

As for the Miniature English Bulldog, it is a purebred English Bulldog, only smaller in size.

Now that we have cleared the confusion, let’s get back to our focus breed – the Mini Bulldog.

Understanding and Raising a Mini Bulldog

When it comes to raising a Mini Bulldog (or any other type of dog for that matter) you need to understand that different dogs have different temperaments, habits, weaknesses, and strengths.

And it is because of this that you need to research thoroughly about a dog before you get it.

So what do you need to know about a Mini Bulldog before you get one?

  • Diet and​ Growth
mini bulldog - mini bulldog eating his snacks

Obviously, one of the most important things you need to know about your Mini Bulldog is what it is supposed to eat.

The right kind of diet will ensure that your cuddly pet grows healthily and develops strong bones, muscles, and a good immune system.

So what kind of food are you supposed to give your little friend?

Well, because it is a small breed, your Mini Bulldog will need to be fed on food specially formulated for small breeds. This kind of food will ensure that it provides your dog with enough energy to meet its high energy requirements.

The food will also ensure optimum growth and vital bone development.

One of the main attractions of Mini Bulldogs is their petite size. As with human beings, wrong eating habits can result in your Mini Bulldog overgrowing its normal size and losing the small stature that makes it appealing.

Most commercial dog foods come labeled with feeding guidelines, make sure to follow those guidelines to ensure that your dog remains within their weight range.

At maturity, Mini Bulldogs usually weigh between 20 – 45lbs.

Remember, you are what you eat. That applies to your dog as well.

  • Temperament and Training
mini bulldog - lazy mini bulldog

Just like most bulldog breeds, the Mini Bulldog is not known for being aggressive or strong-willed, quite the contrary.

The Mini Bulldog is a fun-loving and friendly breed by nature. It doesn’t have any problems mixing with people and other pets and will be at home anywhere. Although not one of the most active dog breeds around, the Mini Bulldog does love playing and spending time with you. But be sure to allow it enough time to rest as it also does love its naps.

But because this is a breed that is bred from two main breeds, you’ll find that your dog may exhibit a combination of characteristics from both sides of the family, although, in some instances, you may find it behaving more like one of the two.

Remember though, early socialization and training are important if your dog is to seamlessly blend in with your family.

And speaking of training….

In order to succeed in training your Mini Bulldog, you will have to keep its temperament in mind.

What this means as far as training your Mini Bulldog is concerned is that you won’t have much trouble training your pet. And as is the case with all dogs, it is advisable that training start as early as possible. This will help curb any problematic behavior that may arise.

Because of the nature and temperament of the Mini Bulldog, the best type of training method should use more of positive reinforcement. You will still, however, have to maintain a firm and consistent hand so as to allow your pup to know and understand that you are the pack leader (or alpha dog) and as such you should be obeyed.

Training a Mini Bulldog is a lot of fun as it is an intelligent breed that catches on quickly.

Overall, you will really enjoy having a Mini Bulldog as part of your family, it is such a loveable breed.

Exercise and Health Issues to Watch Out For

mini bulldog - running mini bulldog

Like most bulldog types, the Mini Bulldog is not especially active. But it still requires enough exercise to meet its exercise needs and to help ward off obesity. In addition to a daily walk, use playtime as a way to keep your Mini Bulldog fit, healthy, and happy.

As for general health, because the Mini Bulldog is a not a pure breed but a hybrid breed, it may have the advantage of being less prone to congenital health problems than either of its parent breeds. For instance, bulldogs are especially prone to heart problems and cancer while, on the other hand, pugs often develop breathing and eye problems as they grow older.

Because the Mini Bulldog is a short-faced breed, it may suffer from breathing problems as well as exercise intolerance. This is especially so in hot weather. This means you will have to pay special attention to your pet when you exercise on an especially hot day.

One thing you really need to watch out for is obesity as both sides of the family tend to be prone to obesity. Regular exercise and a proper diet should keep obesity at bay though.

If you do your best to take care of your Mini Bulldog, you can expect it to live between 9 to 13 years, although quite a number have been known to live much longer.

The Mini Bulldog – Made for Cuddles and Love

mini bulldog - boy loves his mini bulldog

One thing I strongly believe the Mini Bulldog was bred for was to be a cuddle toy. I mean, just looking at it, who can resist the temptation to do so?

If you do decide to get a Mini Bulldog, do remember that this is one breed that thrives on love and will repay you by reciprocating that love in a big way – despite its miniature stature.

So go ahead, bring this bundle of joy home, you definitely won’t regret it.



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