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Johnson American Bulldog: A Dog Lover’s Guide

Johnson American Bulldog: A Dog Lover’s Guide

Scott American Bulldogs seating on the grass

It is amazing to think that pugs, chihuahuas, pit bulls and bulldogs are all descendants of the wild wolf. We have such an insanely wide array of dog breeds that to think they all came from one common ancestor is slightly overwhelming.

Because we have spent so many years fine tuning and exploring what we can breed, each dog has come to develop its own distinct personality traits.

Even within the same breed, variations will come with their own set of rules and expectations.

Today, we are going to take a look at the Johnson American Bulldog, which is part of the overarching bulldog family.

We are going to look at the history of this dog’s lineage, its general personality traits, and the perfect conditions it needs in order to thrive in a loving home.

Where the Johnson American Bulldog was Born

Bulldogs were originally bred as working farm dogs old England. Their name actually derived from their ability to stand up to a large farm bull, historically known as bullbaiting.

Johnson american bulldog standing

Their general job was to protect the farm and livestock from encroaching threats. So, they were agile, strong and dependable animals that made life easier for their families.

When migrants moved from England to the United States in the 1800s, they brought their protectors with them. It was from this that the American bulldog was born.

Through the years, the American bulldog was bred primarily in the south and southeast, continually used as livestock guardian dogs. During and after World War 2, the breed declined rapidly for reasons unknown.

A man named John D. Johnson, passionate about the dog’s look and personality, made it his mission to save the breed. He is known in history as a savior of the American bulldog, and from his passion came the lovable Johnson American Bulldog.

Johnson had a predilection towards larger dogs. He travelled throughout the south and south east, finding and choosing some of the larger, finest animals and breeding them to form a stockier build.

 The Johnson Bulldog is known for its large neck and broad, muscly chest. While other bulldog breeds are a little leaner, the Johnson is easier to pick out from its substantial build

Personality Traits of the Johnson American Bulldog

Johnson american bulldog sitting on the grass

In the wrong hands, these dogs can be frighteningly powerful. They were bred throughout history as an animal that could successfully face a raging bull, so the power of these pups should not be underestimated.

In the right hands, however, they can be some of the sweetest, protective, and most loyal companions any family could ask for.

It is a breed that loves humans. This dog will just eat up any attention you give it. Despite its stocky build and ferocious history, the Johnson American Bulldog makes a fantastic family companion, even if you have little kids.

Keep Away from Other Dogs and Cats

You should keep this dog away from other animals, however. It has a very territorial disposition, and while it is loyal to humans, it will not be as sensitive towards family cats of neighborhood dogs.

Johnson american bulldog puppy

It is a very trainable dog, however. Due to its history as a guardian livestock and farm dog, it is very good at listening and adapting to commands.

If you have a family cat and wish to keep it alongside your new bulldog, socialize the pup at a young age. Raise this animal with cats so it is used to their presence and knows they are okay.

The same goes for increasing its tolerance towards other dogs. Raise this animal so that it is regularly socialized with other dogs. This will help mitigate problems in the future if you wish to bring another dog into the family.

It should be noted that other dogs of the same sex might be an issue for the Johnson American bulldog, despite being socialized as a young pup. Overall, if given a loving environment in which they are properly socialized, they will be friendly towards strange dogs they run into on the street.

They might bark upon encounter, but that is just them following years of breeding as a guardian dog.

Although these are the general rule of thumb, they do not apply to every dog. Each dog has its own personality, and you shouldn’t judge an entire breed off of these general assumptions.

Knowing its heritage is important, however. Some dogs can be overly aggressive in its desire to protect its human, while others don’t carry that aggressive gene. Understanding this will help you mitigate any potential harm from owning this dog by raising it properly.

How to Train your Stocky Bulldog

Man going to pet a bulldog

Although these dogs are adaptable and relatively easy to train, you must establish dominance first.

Establishing dominance is the tricky part in this relationship. They are strong-willed animals that will give you a challenge if you let them.

If you are jumping into dog ownership for the first time, this may not be the best dog breed to choose. But this does not mean that they are absolutely impossible to handle.

They will require someone with experience in understanding and establishing leadership with a strong-willed dog. You will need to be consistent and patient in the beginning of your relationship in order to be taken seriously.

Once the hierarchy is understood, having a Johnson American Bulldog will be like having one of the most loyal, protective best friends you can have.

How Much Activity Does the Johnson American Bulldog Need

You can determine a lot about a dog’s needs by the history of its lineage. Being dogs that patrolled farms and were bred as an essential component of the farming family, they have a history that is filled with intense activity.

Dog with a stick on the grass

They need to be in a home that has easy access to the out of doors. They can’t be confined in a small apartment in the middle of a bustling city and be expected to be healthy.

You need to ensure that they get at least 1 hour of vigorous exercise a day. It would be preferable for these dogs to get 2 hours, but with the hectic modern schedule will all lead, this might be difficult.

When you are taking these dogs outside to exercise, make sure you are giving them a challenge. Have them pull your kids around the park in a wagon. This is a good workout that takes advantage of their strength as a breed.

If you do live in an apartment in the middle of the city, you should either work from home or dedicate a substantial amount of time to ensuring they are outside and exercising daily.

The perfect environment, however, is on a farm or in a house with a yard.

A Wonderful Dog for Those Willing to Take on the Challenge

The Johnson American Bulldog is a wonderful addition to any family’s, couple’s, or individual’s life. They are strong, protective companions that will absolutely adore you if you treat them kindly.

Bulldog sitting on a sofa

Understanding their temperament and lineage will give you a good guarding dog that loves to cuddle.

Socializing them when young is crucial. This will help the animal except possible pet additions in the future, will ease encounters with strange dogs, and will make keeping a family cat that much easier.

Make sure that you don’t introduce other family pets into the Johnson Bulldog’s life after raising it as a solitary animal. Socializing is key to a happy and balanced pup.

Make sure you respect its heritage by giving it a lot of outdoor time with vigorous exercise. Do not underestimate the importance of giving this dog a good daily challenge. This will rid the dog of any excess energy, so it doesn’t take it out on your beloved furniture.

Overall, an excellent dog. It does take patience and understanding to train, so make sure you know what you are doing when you decide to get this dog.

Other than that, enjoy the cuddles of a big muscly bear that will love and protect you no matter what.



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